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The Process

First Visit of Client

(Takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours)

  • Talk to the Client to know Client's personal details and health history starting from childhood to date

  • Based on the presenting issues, advise client on healing modalities that may be useful.

  • If applicable, Scan the Client's chakras, Do chakra cleaning and give energy healing for the presenting issues

  • Client advised to continue with whatever medicines they are taking based on medical advice.

Follow Up Visits

(Takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes)

  • Take feedback from the Client on the issue(s) being addressed

  • Share healing plan with Client if applicable

  • Give Energy Healing or/and guide the EFT round(s)

  • Client advised to check with their Doctor regarding reduction of medicines based on improvement in health

  • Fix next appointment if applicable

Teach the EFT Process

(Takes approximately 30 minutes)

  • Explain the basis of EFT an affirmation and tapping based healing technique

  • Introduce and demonstrate the basic recipe of EFT

  • Formulate the first affirmation for the Client

  • Guide the Client in doing the process on himself or herself

Past Life Regression Therapy

(Takes approximately 2 hours)

  • Explain the principles of Past Life Regression therapy

  • Explain the step by step process that will be followed

  • Get the Consent Form signed

  • Conduct the session

  • Do post session analysis and advise Client on further steps

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