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Energy Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT

This is a combination of tapping and affirmation based healing methodology first proposed by Dr Roger Callahan and then made popular by Gary Craig ( We experience many different types of negative emotions of varying intensity everyday that we tend to manifest physically in our body as pain, discomfort, uneasiness etc. This creates blockages along our energy meridians and over time causes "Dis-ease". Examples of negative emotions are fear, anger, envy, guilt, sorrow, resentment etc.

A negative emotion is a reaction provoked by some specific interaction or event. The intensity may be measured on a scale of 0 to 10. As they say what can be measured can be improved. EFT is a technique that involves tapping on 8 points along our major energy meridians whilst repeating affirmations articulating the negative emotion. This results in the reduction of intensity of the negative emotion thereby giving relief and healing.

Consulting and healing may be done face to face or remotely via WhatsApp or Skype

Healing With Celestial Light Energy

Energy Healing using celestial light energy as propounded and taught by Dr Patrick San Francesco ( )

The celestial light energy has colors of the rainbow and each color energy has certain features and abilities. These color energies are used singly or in combination to achieve specific type of healing as directed by the healer. This results in healing without any side effects and fringe benefits of feeling of overall wellness. Healer directs the universal energy emanating from his/her hands to the patient for purposes of healing.Consulting and healing may be done face to face or remotely via WhatsApp or Skype

Past Life Regression Therapy

Relive and be Relieved

Past Life Regression Therapy is a methodology for bringing about personal transformation and healing by exploring and reliving causal experiences and understanding them from an unbiased observer perspective in place of the original participant's perspective.

If you don't understand why you are ill or why patterns of relationship failures repeat in your life or why there are failures after failures in all spheres of endeavor, or your low self esteem or inferiority complex, or feeling of being victimized, or your anger, your depression, your anxiety you will get your answers and relief through Past Life Regression Therapy.

Past Life Regression Therapy helps us to understand the mind-body-spirit connection more profoundly. It helps the client to live a more integrated lifestyle, in the here and now, realizing her/his connection to the universe, and participating in the creative process which gives meaning to each moment of awareness

Consulting and the session may be done face to face or remotely via WhatsApp or Skype

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