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Medha is an old school friend of mine. Once when we met after many years, she immediately remarked that my gait was such, that I must be in pain. She was right - my knees were troubling me. She requested me to sit in her car and allow her to give me healing. I agreed. Within minutes I could feel a sensation of warmth in my knees and the pain did appear to have diminished. After that I started to go to her regularly - twice a week. I feel that with her healing, my walking has definitely improved and I am also able to climb stairs more easily.

Medha is extremely intuitive and insightful and is able to hone into a problem spot on. At the same time, I was also going through a particularly stressful time, in respect of some protracted litigation, which was also impacting our business adversely. Medha was not only able to guide and counsel me, but with the help of healing energy she has enabled me mentally and emotionally to face the situation better.

Pervin Pudumjee

My first experience of Medha’s healing was when someone else requested it for me for a three day migraine. I went from misery to no pain in a few minutes while the healing was being done remotely. I then became a regular and her Past Life Regression sessions with me have rid me of years of debilitating anxiety and clinical depression.


Healing with Medha begins when you walk into her room.  Her very presence is soothing and calming and inspiring of every confidence.


I am a changed person thanks to my continued interaction with Medha - lighter, happier and definitely more radiant.

Shirin Wadia

I had suffered an attack of dengue several weeks ago. I had recovered and was free of fever, but was suffering from acute body ache and severe joint pains. The pain was so severe, that it was restricting my day to day activities and I could not sleep for nights together. The doctor had put me onto steroids, to help lessen the pain. Along with the allopathy I also started to take healing from Medha.

I am slowly being weaned off the steroids, and I do believe that the healing energy is helping me to keep the pain levels low, even as the steroids are being reduced gradually.


I am a long standing patient of diabetes and hypertension. For years I was unable to fall asleep at night without taking a sedative. With the healing that Medha gave me, I was gradually able to wean myself off sedatives. Today, I am able to sleep at night without any sleeping tablets.


The service provided by Mrs. Medha Stephen has been of invaluable inputs towards my husband's recovery process from Spinal cord injury of C4-5. The lady is caring and devoted towards the cause of the patient.

Mrs. Manisha Jolly

Medha is a childhood friend. I always thought of her as a brilliant and capable student and later as a senior management professional. She was always sincere, efficient and scientific. But recently I have experienced her healing side, for a back problem that has been lingering for several months in spite of all efforts. Recently, she was keen to give me healing for it. I trust her honesty so I tried it. Strangely, she later asked me if I was dealing with a specific emotional issue. I was surprised because how could she have known about it-even I had not thought about it consciously. What she was saying about me in that matter was true! I notice that my back too is much better over a short time. I have not done anything new for this to happen. Thank you Medha

Mrinalini Mehra

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