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Medha is an old school friend of mine. Once when we met after many years, she immediately remarked that my gait was such, that I must be in pain. She was right - my knees were troubling me. She requested me to sit in her car and allow her to give me healing. I agreed. Within minutes I could feel a sensation of warmth in my knees and the pain did appear to have diminished. After that I started to go to her regularly - twice a week. I feel that with her healing, my walking has definitely improved and I am also able to climb stairs more easily.

Medha is extremely intuitive and insightful and is able to hone into a problem spot on. At the same time, I was also going through a particularly stressful time, in respect of some protracted litigation, which was also impacting our business adversely. Medha was not only able to guide and counsel me, but with the help of healing energy she has enabled me mentally and emotionally to face the situation better.

Pervin Pudumjee

The service provided by Mrs. Medha Stephen has been of invaluable inputs towards my husband's recovery process from Spinal cord injury of c4-5. The lady is cariiiing and devoted towards the cause of the patient.

Mrs. Manisha Jolly

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